Time to fall in LOVE with JORD

Well folks, it is almost that time of year again… Cupid’s birthday, Love Day, VALENTINES DAY.

Now I am well aware that not everyone is a fan of this particular holiday. I however LOVE all things heart shaped, the colour pink, chocolates, wine, flowers, jewelry, any excuse to give or receive (wink wink) gifts… Speaking of gifts, I have the perfect one for you or your beau! The wonderful people over at JORD were kind enough to send me a gorgeous watch to review for you guys – actually gorgeous may be an understatement.

Time to fall in LOVE with JORD CheyanneFulton.com

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15 Valentines for the Unconventional Romantic

It’s just a fact of life, a store bought card doesn’t always capture how you truly feel about that special person. Now, you could spend all afternoon searching through rows and rows of unimaginative cards, but that just seems like a waste of your valuable time. So for this Valentine’s Day I’ve compiled a list of 15 hilarious (and printable!) cards that suit all sorts of relationships! Enjoy!

title image 15 printable cards

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